Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this event for?

While mental health peers and practitioners will find content they can use in their journeys and careers, anyone wishing to learn more about mental wellness generally and the unique experiences of Black/African American people can benefit from this experience.

Am I welcome?

Everyone is welcome! We only ask that you come with an open, curious mind, ready to be receptive to the perspectives, expertise and lived experiences of others.

What should I expect to learn?

You will hear from experts and practitioners in mental health and the arts about the latest research and best practices. You’ll also hear from peers about their personal journeys, and you’ll join a diverse community of participants who all bring their own cultural perspectives. You will leave with both practical knowledge and invaluable perspective.

What is the connection between art and mental health?

Rite of Joy is a conference built by Poetry for Personal Power, an organization that supports art as a critical method of expression, empowerment and recovery. The conference programming will explore and celebrate the role art has in recovery and resilience.

What does it mean that the conference is “centered around Black/African American people and their experiences”?

While there are many conferences that explore the themes of mental wellness and the arts, we believe developing true cultural competency and empathy requires acknowledging the unique experiences of Black people. By choosing to center this conference on the Black experience, we are committing ourselves to bringing that cultural perspective to all parts of our programming, and we believe people of all races and backgrounds will benefit from it.

What are the benefits of being a sponsor?

Sponsors will be recognized and prominently featured at our event, aligning your organization with the goals of mental wellness and cultural competence.

Should I apply to be a speaker?

Yes! We are seeking a variety of perspectives, from those of researchers and experts in the world of mental health to those with personal stories to share. We welcome anyone who believes they have information or experiences that would benefit our community.